- “What have I to fear?”

- “The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves. Sorta like a team. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes type thing.”

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Chris Evans commenting on old school photos on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 


10 years of Lost.

The  experience that changed television, challenged our minds, and captured our hearts. 

"LOST is more than just a show, it’s the greatest television experience the world will ever see."

tfw you spend 3 weeks trying to download a sims torrent because your internet is at ‘97 levels of SUCKING only for the damn file to NOT FUCKING WORK ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

we could have had 2 really good, really solid hobbit movies but NOOO we had to have the dumb side plots with the orc army and ughhhh i hate nothing more than orcs like goddamn no one cares about goddamn orcs like just have the adventure and have the big battle, does it matter? does it matter!? i hate orcssssssss i want to see like 4 hours less of ORCSSSSS FUCKKK

The Coca-Cola company started making Surge soda again just to sell it on Amazon. The reviews are PRICELESS and it sold out immediately.

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i need to stop trying to date paranormal investigators because i always think they’re going to be so cool and into the stuff i’m into but then it’s all a sham and they’re really lame and i leave disappointed every time

like i just want to go hunt ghosts with a hot person who isn’t super lame but i guess i can’t have it all hmmmmmm

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Went to Hot Topic

Did not see a SINGLE bit of Gir or Zim merchandise

Is it… Is it over? No more? Goth girls no longer care about Gir?


Jhonen Vasquez emerges from Hot Topics corporate headquarter’s basement screaming sweet freedom as he bursts out of his chains and crawls out into the unforgiving wild world of 2014

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