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its a metaphor, you see. you place your cursor right upon the killing thing, but you dont actually click on it.



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I’d rather teen girls reading nothing but terribly written fanfics about their favorite OTPs that express healthy and emotionally-sound romantic relationships than “great literature” that teaches them they are prizes to be won or creatures to be controlled or destroyed. 

so tomorrow i have an interview with a travel agency and next week i’m interviewing with the state treasury department. VASTLY different but i honestly applied to like every potentially interesting/ good paying job currently hiring in my area. i’m just so nervous like today’s my birthday! one year older! super adult world arriving with a real job and not wandering around a retail store finally and i’m just so nervous! both potential jobs are located in the city and gahhh this is so much. at least good things are finally happening for me after 2 years of depression and disappointment and sad shit. i dont even care that i’m moving back in with my parents. gotta get out of these farmlands wow. 


Americans and Mexicans playing volleyball over the border in Arizona

This would be such a sneaky way to smuggle drugs across the border. Like, yo get the ball ready for our vollyball game later OH RIGHT it’s full of cocaine, fucking serve that thing. I mean, physics and weight of the ball have to be taken into consideration but hey. I’m so fucked up. 

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Improved Altered version of this post because people kept commenting that they were surprised it didn’t end with “old as balls.”


BFFs get groceries, take weird talking cat for walk