hella rad - soundtrack for an excellent adventure through ’80s pop culture

video killed the radio star - the buggles | cars - gary numan | whip it - devo | call me - blondie | don’t you want me - human league | working for the weekend - loverboy | hungry like the wolf - duran duran | billie jean - michael jackson | come on eileen - dexy’s midnight runners | safety dance - men without hats | i melt with you - modern english | eye of the tiger - survivor | let’s dance - david bowie | love is a battlefield - pat benatar | mr. roboto - styx | maniac - michael sembello | 99 luftballons - nena | sweet dreams (are made of this) - eurythmics | footloose - kenny loggins | wake me up before you go go - wham! | take on me - a-ha | manic monday - the bangles | the final countdown - europe | (i just) died in your arms - cutting crew | just like heaven - the cure | don’t you (forget about me) - simple minds | heaven is a place on earth - belinda carlisle | we didn’t start the fire - billy joel


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Dildo attached to a Buzz Lightyear attached to a traffic light (at North 7th Medical)

Finally, I see some real art on this website. 10/10.

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make this happen hollywood

Everyone we know is trying to kill us.

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this girl’s sense of humor is far ahead of her age

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i bought a bunch of lingerie because why the fuck not and it has little flamingos and the other stuff has little pineapples on it and its super cute and someone neeeeeds to seeee this but i’m not the type who would ever take pictures for the world siiiigh everyone who wants cute stuff go to rue21 pronto, $3 for two bras, like with fuckin LACE and goddamn flamingos yall. get on that fast

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They’re strong.
They each have a means of survival.